These are 240 organizations have declared their opposition to AETA

Action for Animals - Austin
Action for Animals - Oakland
Advocates for Game Farm Animals
Alabama Voice for Animals
All Creatures
Alley Cat Allies
Alley Cat Rescue
Alliance for Animals Milwaukee
American Anti-Vivisection Society
American Civil Liberties Union
American Legal Defense Fund
American Vegan Society
An Animal Friendly Life
Angel's Gate Hospice and Rehabilitation Center
Animal Acres
Animal Advocates of Inland NW
Animal Ark
Animal Concerns
Animal Control Welfare Commission (SF)
Animal Defense League of Arizona
Animal Friendly New York City
Animal Law Coalition
Animal Person
Animal Place
Animal Protection And Rescue League
Animal Protection Institute
Animal Protection of New Mexico
Animal Protection Voters
Animal Rights Alliance
Animal Rights Coalition (MN)
Animal Rights Hawaii
Animal Rights International
Animal Sanctuary Foundation
Animal Switchboard
Animal Voices Radio
Animal Welfare Advocacy
Animal Welfare Association
Animal Welfare Federation of CT
Animal Welfare Institute
Animal World USA
Animals in Print
Animals Voice
AnimaNaturalis Arizona
Anti-Fur Society
APES (Abolish Primate Experiments and Slavery)
Arizona State Univ. Animal Welfare Association
ASPCA (American Soc. for Prev. of Cruelty to Animals)
Association of Sanctuaries
Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights
Avian Welfare Coalition
Baltimore Animal Rights Coalition
Bay Area Vegetarians
BEAR League
Berkshire Advocates for Animals
Berkshire Vegetarian Network
Best Friends Animal Society
Best Friends Network
Big Cat Rescue
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Blogging With The Strays
Break the Chains
Campaign Humane
Coalition For Animal Rights Education (CARE)
Cash Wild Watch
Cat Care Network
Cats Meow Animal Shelter
Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Center for Animal Liberation Affairs
Center for Constitutional Rights
Central New York Earth First!
Chinese Shao-Lin Centers
Christian Vegetarian Association
Civil Liberties Defence Center
Coalition for Action in the Interest of Animals
Coalition for Animal Rights Education
Coalition for Animals
Coalition for New York City Animals
Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages
Compassion for Camden
Compassion Over Killing
Compassionate Action Institute
Compassionate Carnivores
Compassionate Consumers
Compassionate Cooks
Compassionate Living Project
Concerned People for Animals, Inc (CA and ID)
Coyote Ridge Wildlife Rehabilitation
DawnWatch News
Deerbrook Guinea Pig & Raabit Haven
Defenders of the Wild
Defenders of Wildlife
Delaware Action for Animals
Democratic Left Infoasis
Disability Rights Enforcement, Education Services
Dogs Deserve Better
Earth Island Institute
East Bay Animal Advocates
Easy Vegan
Eastern Shore Sanctuary and Ed. Center
Equal Justice Alliance
Every Creature Counts
Eye On The Hamptons
FARM (Farm Animal Reform Movement)
Farm Sanctuary
Farmed Animal Net
Friends of Animals and Their Environment
Feathers Foundation
Florida Voices of Animals
Food For Life Global
Foster Parrots
Friendly Farms
Friends of Animals
Go Vegan Radio (with Bob Linden)
Go Vegan Texas! Radio Collective
Great Lakes Rabbit Society

Greater Nebraska Animal Rights League (GNARL)
Green Bloggers
Herbivore Magazine
House Rabbit Society
Houston Animal Rights Team (HART)
Humane Law Enforcement (FL)
Humane Society (Bosler, MA)
Humane Society of the US
Humane Voters (AZ)
In Defense of Animals
In Solidarity with Animals
Indiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Indy Media
Institute For Humanist Studies
International Anti-Fur Coalition
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Jewish Vegetarians of North America
K9 Magazine
Kinship Circle
Kitty Liberation Front
LA Lawyers for Animals
Last Chance for Animals
League of Humane Voters (USA)
League of Humane Voters - CA
League of Humane Voters – NY
Little Cats Rescue
Maryland Animal Advocates
Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition
Memphis Area Animal Rights Activists
Mercy for Animals
MI Soc. Prevention Cruelty to Animals
Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society
Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Service
Mobilization for Animals Pennsylvania
Monday And Friday Mews Gazette
Music United for Animals
National Anti-Vivisection Society
National Lawyers Guild
Natural Resource Defense Council
NE Ohio Vegetarian Advocates
New England Anti-Vivisection Society
Northwest Animal Rights Network
New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance
New Jersey Civil Rights Committee
Northwest Animal Rights Network
NY Champion Bird Club
NY State Humane Association
NYC Indymedia
NYC Bar Association
Oasis Sanctuary
Pacific Rainforest Wildlife Guardians
Pampered Parrots Avian Rescue
PEACE (People for the End of Animal Cruelty and Exploitation)
Peace River Refuge & Ranch
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)
Pet Finder
Philadelphia Independent Media Center
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Portland Mercury
Primate Freedom Project
Public Eye: Artists for Animals
Puppy Mill Awareness Day
Rainforest Action Network
Rational Animals
Rochester Animal Protection Society
Rocky Mountain Animal Defense
San Diego Animal Advocates
Sasha Farm Animal Sanctuary
Satya Magazine
Senior Citizens for Humane Legislation & Education
Showing Animals Respect And Kindness (SHARK)
Silicon Valley in Defense of Animals
Simply Enough
Sled Dog Action Coalition
Society for Animal Protective Legislation
Society of Peace
Sonoma People for Animal Rights
Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
Students for Education on Animal Liberation
Sunbear Squad
Tennessee Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
The SHAC 7
Union County Peace Council
United Animal Nations
United Fed. Teachers Humane Ed. Comm.
United Poultry Concerns
United States Animal Protection
Unitarian Universalists for Ethical Treatment of Animals
Valley Vegan Society
Vegan Outreach
Vegan Radio
Vegetarian Advocates
Vegetarian Information Group of Rochester
Vegetarian Society of El Paso
Vegetarianism for Peace
Veggie Jews
VegNews Network
VegNews Magazine
VivaVegie Society
Voices for Animals (VA)
Voice for a Viable Future
Welfare for Animals Global
Wildlife Watch
Woodstock Animal Rights Movement
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
World Animal Net
World Orchard Project
World Society for Protection of Animals
Zory's Place Rescue and Rehab