What We Have Done

  *  Compiled a list of 240 groups opposing AETA
  *  Formed a coalition of 40 groups
  *  Posted an educational website arguing against AETA
  *  Identified 30 AETA-like state laws
  *  Participated in national radio shows about AETA
  *  Received an award from Project Censored
  *  Persuaded law schools to hold contests on AETA
  *  Raised awareness of AETA at national conferences
  *  Held briefings for Congress and bar associations
  *  Held briefings for senior Judiciary Committee staffers
  *  Developed a Congressional database
  *  Contacted most Congressional offices
  *  Sought legal opinions on AETA

What You Can Do

Become informed by reviewing the Act and its threat to activism.

If you're an attorney: Get your local bar association to issue a statement opposing AETA and/or to sponsor a forum on AETA.

If you're an activist: Express your outrage (politely) to your Representative and two Senators in person or by phone, fax, and/or e-mail. You can obtain you Representative's and Senators' complete contact info at and, respectively. You can also reach their Washington office through the Congressional switchboard at 202-225-3121.

If you attend public events: Please order our free colorful cards introducing EJA to your fellow activists.

If you care about freedom of speech and assembly for activists, please make a generous donation today.

Every one of us on the EJA staff, including our Executive Director, are donating our time, but we do need to cover our expenses for travel, printing, and postage.

You can make your donation online by clicking the banner or by mail to FARM/EJA 10101 Ashburton Lane, Bethesda MD 20817

Donations to the FARM/EJA fund are tax-exempt.


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