The Equal Justice Alliance is a coalition of animal protection and other social justice organizations formed in November of 2006 to defend freedom of speech and assembly by defeating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA).

AETA denies equal protection to social justice activists and restricts our freedom of speech and assembly. It unfairly brands as terrorism any activities that cross a state line and interfere with the operation of an animal enterprise or of any entity that deals with one. Such activities may include website posts, peaceful vigils, nonviolent civil disobedience, undercover investigations, and whistle-blowing.

AETA is excessively broad and vague by covering nearly all enterprises and by implicating individuals who merely attempt or discuss "interference" with their operation. It imposes excessively harsh penalties when compared with other similar federal offenses. It has a chilling effect on social justice advocacy. It deters investigation of federal law violations committed by animal enterprises. It detracts from prosecution of real terrorism against the American people.

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (S. 3880) was introduced at the behest of the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries in early 2006. Our national opposition campaign gained the support of thousands of constituents and more than 200 organizations, including the ASPCA, Humane Society of the US, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Lawyers Guild, and NY City Bar Association.

Nevertheless, some U.S. House and Senate Judiciary leaders labeled the bill non-controversial, enabling them to push it through on a voice vote with only a handful of Members aware of it and even fewer voting. President Bush was happy to sign it on behalf of his industry supporters.

The Equal Justice Alliance is committed to correcting this gross miscarriage of justice by

  • Persuading Members of Congress to reverse or amend the law
  • Persuading a federal court to declare the law unconstitutional or unenforceable
  • Persuading federal attorneys not to prosecute under AETA

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